What are the materials of the motorcycle exhaust pipe

Update:14 Mar, 2020
Summary:The exhaust valve is installed to achieve better exhaust efficiency, meet environmental protection r...

The exhaust valve is installed to achieve better exhaust efficiency, meet environmental protection regulations, and reduce noise. A valve is installed at the tail section of the exhaust pipe, and the back pressure of each speed range is controlled through the opening and closing of the valve, so that the engine output can achieve the best efficiency. Although the official focus is on increasing engine efficiency, it is still mainly in response to environmental regulations, using valves to control exhaust and noise levels to pass stringent environmental regulations.

What are the materials of the exhaust pipe?

Iron, stainless steel, carbon fiber, titanium alloy. The outer layer of the iron pipe is treated with black heat-resistant paint, commonly known as "black iron pipe". The low cost feature is popular with manufacturers. However, the disadvantages of black iron pipe are easy to rust and inadequate heat dissipation performance. Called "white iron pipe", it has higher durability and thermal conductivity than black iron pipe, and the price will not be too expensive. Therefore, many modified pipes use stainless steel as the material.

Both carbon fiber tube and titanium alloy tube can achieve the lightweight effect of the car body, and the unique color of carbon fiber has attracted the love of many riders, and the anti-scalding effect is better than the general metal tail tube. Due to the material characteristics, The carbon fiber tubes seen so far are made of the tail section, which cannot be used in its entirety. The titanium alloy material can be found on aerospace materials. It is conceivable that its strength and light weight are excellent, but the price is relatively expensive, and many on the market Titanium alloy exhaust pipes are not made entirely of titanium alloys. Some are made of stainless steel in the front section, and titanium alloy materials are used only in the tail section. In addition, riders must note that some exhaust pipes that advertise titanium are just The white iron tube is plated with titanium or colored titanium, and it should be burned, so you need to pay special attention before buying.