What are the characteristics of off-road buggy

Update:01 Sep, 2020
Summary:Off-road buggy can run on rugged ground, are produced in a harsher environment, and are mostly used ...

Off-road buggy can run on rugged ground, are produced in a harsher environment, and are mostly used for military purposes. The main features are non-load-bearing body, four-wheel drive, higher chassis, better-grip tires, higher exhaust pipes, larger horsepower and thick and strong bumpers.

Off-road buggy can not only adapt to various road conditions in the wild, but also give people a rough and heroic feeling. In cities, many people like to drive off-road buggy. Off-road buggy are members of a large family of military vehicles, and most of them have certain off-road driving capabilities. In other words, these cars can drive on poor quality roads or areas and battlefields with no roads. Later, in order to meet the needs of combat, a military vehicle with stronger off-road capability appeared, which is commonly referred to as Military off-road buggy.

There are three brethren in off-road buggy, with different comprehensive load capacities. A heavy-duty off-road buggy with a large load capacity is called a heavy off-road buggy; a light off-road buggy with a small load capacity is called a light off-road buggy; and a medium-sized off-road buggy lies between light and heavy. Full drive, so that after one wheel slips in the mud, the other wheels can drive the car out of the predicament, otherwise you will have to wait for someone to drag it.



The lines of the jeep are square and square, without any accessories that are not related to performance. In the design and manufacturing process, only solid and practical, simple processing, and low cost are considered. It seems that it has nothing to do with artworks. In fact, this is a kind of prejudice. Whether it is transportation, transportation, towing, comfort, luxury, luxury, and beautiful appearance, the jeep is not its essence. The soul of a jeep is to be able to take you to as many places as possible, whether it is deserts, beaches, mountains, mud, snowfields, steep slopes... the artist gives it life with the simplest lines and shapes. In the Museum of Modern Art in New York, there are a total of 8 cars displayed as artworks, and the most prominent display is an American military jeep from World War II.

Jeep is ubiquitous, and the omnipresent image represents tough, vigorous, rugged, tough, and simple. Therefore, there are a lot of fans who are keen on it. The difficult trek on the sinister road is our real enjoyment. This should be a manifestation of off-road buggy culture. It brings people who love nature together to experience the infinite fun it brings to them. In this way, it represents an emerging and gradually increasing consumption trend, and various auto companies are also developing high-level light off-road jeeps.