We must focus on the three-level maintenance

Update:25 May 2018

The maintenance work centered on the breakdown of three […]

The maintenance work centered on the breakdown of three-wheeled motorcycles for inspection and removal of hidden dangers is called three-level maintenance. The three-level maintenance is generally performed after 6000-10000 km, and it is best to check at a special service station.

A. Decompose the engine, remove the carbon deposits at the cylinder head, piston crown, piston ring, exhaust port, etc., check the gap between the piston and the cylinder wall, the connecting rod small head bearing and the piston pin, the big head bearing and the crankshaft pin, check The amount of bouncing of the left and right crankshafts, etc.

B. Decompose the clutch, check the free length of the clutch spring and the thickness of the friction plate, replace the spring or friction plate if necessary. Check the transmission gear for cracks, ablation, flaking, and severe step wear.

C. decomposition of the direction of the column combination, clean the direction of the column bearing, add enough grease, after the installation of complex adjustment gap.

D. Disassemble the front shock absorber and check that the free length of the front shock absorber spring meets the requirements and replace the front shock absorber oil.

E. Check the generator, starter brush and commutator wear, if necessary, be replaced.