Ways to improve the performance of the motorcycle

Update:15 Apr 2019

Whether the rider's driving skills are high or low, jus […]

Whether the rider's driving skills are high or low, just look at his posture and understand. Because only the posture is correct, you can have superior driving skills. However, it is impossible to make a hard cover. Like the big rider, the butt is forced to press the inside of the corner to drive the motorcycle on the street. The correct way is to see how they change their posture from time to time, when they relax, and when to press the weight in which direction. Such observation and imitation are very beneficial. But don't pay attention to the surface, but should grasp the essence of it.

In addition, try to drive your own motorcycle. If it is not suitable for your own conditions, then the best posture is not desirable. In summary, the so-called cycling posture is the external expression of the behavior of controlling the motorcycle in a controlled attitude. Therefore, simply manipulating the motorcycle by the imitation of the posture will be counterproductive.

Conversely, those who only use the purpose of driving a motorcycle, his posture must be very difficult to see. And ignoring the performance of motorcycles, people who only rely on their strength to manipulate motorcycles must be very stupid. Because a motorcycle with a certain weight is running at a certain speed, it is by no means dependent on the size of your arm. Of course, the reasonable use of your strength and weight is more beneficial to the performance of the motorcycle, which is safe and fast.