Three main reasons why motorcycles cannot start

Update:07 Sep, 2020
Summary:People who ride frequently will always encounter the situation that the motorcycle cannot start. Man...

People who ride frequently will always encounter the situation that the motorcycle cannot start. Many people say that their car cannot start. Because they have no feet to start, frequent electric starts eventually lead to a loss of electricity. It’s okay if the cart can’t be started right after getting off, but what if it can’t be started in the wilderness where there is no shop in front of the village? Today we will talk about the common problems that motorcycles can’t start. Preventive inspections in advance are very important. If they really can’t start, we have to know. Generally speaking, if the motorcycle fails to start in the weather above -5 degrees, it is often caused by three major faults in the circuit, oil circuit or cylinder pressure. Many factors can cause the cylinder to have no pressure, such as damage to the crankcase piston ring, cylinder leakage, etc. The specific failure analysis that cannot be started must be judged based on the current situation.

1. Circuit problem: You can't get on the bike without riding the bike after parking for a few days, even if the battery is poor, it can be started after parking for less than 5 days. But if the parking time is too long, it will cause difficulty in starting. At this time, we can turn the car key to the [ON] position and check the horn and headlights. If the horn does not sound and the headlights do not turn on, it indicates that the battery is insufficient and cannot be started. Motorcycle batteries will slowly lose power, park for a long time, and the batteries will continue to self-discharge, resulting in insufficient power. However, as long as the motorcycle is started, the battery will be fully charged after driving a certain distance (riding for more than half an hour, as fast as possible). Of course, if the battery has reached the end of its life and cannot be charged normally after starting, it should be replaced as soon as possible. If you can't hit the car, you can also try the method of hanging the cart.

2. Fuel problem: It is inevitable that you will crash when riding a bicycle, but many people try their best to lift the car and find that it can't start after falling. Generally, this happens in carburetor models. Reversing will cause fuel in the carburetor. If there is light leakage, we only need to wait for tens of seconds to allow gasoline to flow back into the carburetor float chamber, and the fuel supply system can work normally. There are also many people who have turned off by themselves when driving in fog, and cannot start after turning off. This is because the relative humidity of the air in foggy days is very high. In such severe weather conditions, it is very easy to cause poor contact of the ignition system, water in the fuel supply system and self-extinguishing.



In addition, we suddenly accelerate when idling in a hot car, especially the vacuum (CV type) carburetor, which will cause the mixture to be too thin and self-extinguish. At this time, it is necessary to clean the nozzles of each pipeline of the carburetor, and then accelerate smoothly and gently after starting, try to avoid sudden acceleration, and avoid artificially causing poor transition. If the flameout is accelerated at high speed, the main influencing factors are that high voltage is formed at high speed, and the current causes the high-voltage flameout protection in the stabilized rectifier to work and the flameout is self-extinguished.

3. Electrical system: Except for running out of gasoline, most of the fault lies in the electrical system. The emergency flameout switch is defective, and the flame may be cut off and flameout. Defective ignition coil. If the ignition coil plug connector becomes loose and breaks out of the fire, check each connector and remove oil stains to ensure stable contact. Defective trigger coil. If the trigger coil lead connector is loose and there is a fire, reconnect it and try to reinforce the connector to solve the problem urgently.

In fact, the motorcycle cannot be started, and most of the faults are in the ignition circuit. Therefore, if the engine cannot be started during driving, we can also take some emergency measures: When the electrode near the spark plug breaks, slowly bend the center electrode to the lower connection. The margin distance is 0.6mm and can be used continuously. When the threaded part of the spark plug hole is damaged and slipped, it can be lined with thin copper skin or wrapped with asbestos thread (there is no, it can also be replaced by cotton yarn), and then screw in the spark plug. Generally speaking, carburetor cars have more problems and often fail to start. Due to the reasonable control of ECU, EFI models have fewer startup problems. It is recommended that we prepare before traveling, check more, and bring some common tools and vulnerable spare parts.