The transmission mode of motorcycles is divided into three types

Update:09 Nov 2019

Electronic throttle: It is also common in high-end moto […]

Electronic throttle: It is also common in high-end motorcycles. The advantage is that precise oil control maximizes engine performance. The disadvantage is that the structure is complicated and the maintenance cost is high.

Rear rocker arm (rear flat fork): plays the role of connecting the rear wheel to the frame. Divided into two types of rocker arms and single rocker arms according to the structure, according to the shape can be divided into round tube type, square tube type, upper triangle, lower triangle, gull wing type and so on. According to the material, it can be divided into steel material, aluminum alloy material, carbon fiber material and so on.

Transmission mode: The transmission mode of motorcycles is divided into three types: chain transmission (most common), shaft transmission (high-grade motorcycle or three-wheeled motorcycle requiring high torque), belt transmission (common in pedal motorcycles and some cruise motorcycles such as Harley).

Finally, let's talk about motorcycle exhaust pipe. The exhaust pipe can be divided into: iron, stainless steel, carbon fiber, titanium alloy and so on. Most of the riders are not very satisfied with the original exhaust. The modified exhaust is the choice of many riders. The exhaust pipe of the motorcycle is divided into a back pressure pipe, a straight pipe and a diffuser pipe.

Almost all of the original factory adopts the back pressure pipe, which is also considered in the environmental protection standard. The straight pipe reduces the exhaust resistance and the sound is large, and the diffusion pipe can change the back pressure resistance of the exhaust pipe. There are two types of modified exhaust: the change of the tail section is mainly to change the sound wave, and the change of the whole section is mainly to increase the performance.