The procedure of starting the motorcycle engine

Update:25 Feb 2019

Start the engine: first change the motorcycle gear to n […]

Start the engine: first change the motorcycle gear to neutral. If there is a damper switch, first turn off the damper; some scooters must pinch the brakes and turn on the power switch. If it is electrically started, it is best not to exceed the startup time. 3 seconds, can't start, you should wait for a while to start. If the pedal is activated, use the foot to step on the lever until it starts. Do not increase the throttle immediately after the engine is started. The engine temperature should be increased before driving, otherwise the engine may be damaged.

Start, shift and stop: After the engine starts to warm up, first check whether the lights and switches are normal. Do not turn on the headlights during the day, then close the stand, pay attention to the situation before and after, and turn the left turn signal. Hold the clutch tightly, hang the first foot and then support the left foot on the brake pedal. Gradually increase the throttle and slowly release the clutch. Feel the clutch fully engaged and then increase the throttle. After being proficient, the gears, pinch clutches, and fueling valves can be started in an instant.

After the motorcycle starts, it will use high-grade as the speed increases. When shifting gears, the left hand quickly grips the clutch, closes the small throttle, releases the clutch after the right foot is engaged, and then increases the throttle to complete the process from low to high. When shifting, the clutch is disengaged, that is to say, the power is not output at this time, so the clutch disengagement time should be shortened as much as possible, and the throttle should be reduced before the clutch is gripped during shifting. If you want to stop or slow down, you have to change from high to low, and its action is similar to low-end upshift. When parking under normal conditions, you should first turn the right turn signal, then slow down, downshift, and finally stop.