The function of the shock absorber is to alleviate the impact generated by the motorcycle

Update:31 Oct 2019

The calipers can be divided into two types according to […]

The calipers can be divided into two types according to the manufacturing process: cast type and forged type, and the forged type has better performance and high manufacturing cost. The number of pistons of the calipers, the brake calipers of motorcycles are mainly double pistons and four pistons, but there are also six piston products. Relatively speaking, the more pistons, the stronger the performance.

The brake pads of motorcycles are not heavily modified by enthusiasts, and basically do not pay attention to things that do not need to be deliberately concerned. In addition to the brake pads and calipers in the brake system, another important component is the ABS brake system. As the name suggests, the ABS anti-locking system is to prevent the brakes from being braked. The brakes are easy to produce a crash. Therefore, the ABS is a necessary brake technology for motorcycles with a slightly larger displacement. The brakes equipped with ABS are on the brake discs. There will be ABS sprocket inside which is easy to distinguish.

After the wheel is finished, simply talk about the lower suspension (shock/damping). The function of the shock absorber is to alleviate and attenuate the impact and vibration generated by the motorcycle during driving. The front and rear suspension of motorcycles are relatively simple and have no too many forms. They are basically divided into cylindrical and spring-type structures. Front suspensions are divided into inverted and upright suspensions, and rear suspensions are divided into single suspensions and double suspensions. More advanced with adjustable damping, preload adjustable and more. High-tech technologies such as split air shock absorbers and electronic dynamic damping shock absorbers have emerged on top motorcycles.

Slip clutch: Generally appearing on high-performance motorcycles, it has appeared on many domestic motorcycles. The sliding clutch is mainly to reduce the shifting speed and speed up the shifting speed to prevent the rear wheel from locking up when shifting.