The carburetor of motorcycle needs to be cleaned

Update:14 May 2019

If it is an EFI motorcycle, it is often that the batter […]

If it is an EFI motorcycle, it is often that the battery has not been charged for a long time, and the battery is seriously depleted. The lead plate is aging and decomposed. The electrolyte inside is evaporated and dried. It usually starts once a month and runs for about 10 minutes to charge. If the battery is broken, you can try adding some water. If you can't replace it, you will obviously hear the starter is weak.

The motorcycleburetor motorcycle will also be unable to start due to battery depletion, and the treatment method is the same as that of the EFI motorcycle. In addition, the motorcycleburetor motorcycle, there will always be residual gasoline inside the motorcycleburetor. These gasoline and air will be in contact for a long time, and impurities will run in and oxidize into colloid. These gels will block the main orifice and the idling orifice. At this time, the motorcycleburetor needs to be cleaned before it can be started.

Because the gasoline is degraded, even if the motorcycleburetor does not have the problem of blocking the hole, it is necessary to discharge the gasoline inside through the oil drain hole below, let the oil in the tank re-inflow into the motorcycleburetor, and then start the motorcycle. Although the EFI motorcycle has little oil left in the nozzle, if the parking time is too long, it will not be ruled out that the gel will block the nozzle. At this time, the nozzle needs to be removed for cleaning.

The fuel tank to the motorcycleburetor or the line between the nozzles may also be clogged. It can be removed and blown with the mouth to ensure smooth use.