The caliber of motorcycle exhaust pipe is not proportional to horsepower

Update:06 Mar, 2020
Summary:Tail section: light weight, sound, full section: increase performance. You may often hear that some ...

Tail section: light weight, sound, full section: increase performance. You may often hear that some riders only change the tail section when they change the pipe, but have you ever wondered which one is better to change the tail section and the whole section? The tail section is the place with the largest volume and weight of the entire exhaust pipe. Use the texture The lighter modified tube can effectively reduce the weight of the car body.

At the same time, the sound of the exhaust pipe can also be changed through the change of the internal pipeline and the size of the caliber; while changing the entire exhaust pipe and re-tuning through the computer can effectively increase the overall engine output, although the tail section is changed It can also increase performance, but the increase will not be better than the entire section. Therefore, riders who want to improve performance can consider changing the entire section when restructuring.

Does the larger the caliber of the exhaust pipe mean the more horsepower?

Not necessarily. The larger the exhaust pipe diameter, the higher the horsepower. From the perspective of fluid mechanics, imagine the exhaust gas as a water flow, and the exhaust pipe is a water channel. If the water channel is too small, it will cause water flow to block, and the engine efficiency will decrease. However, if the water channel is too wide, the water flow will flow around The flow caused eddy currents and counter-effects. At this time, the engine efficiency could not be improved.

In simple terms, when the engine is at high speed, a more unobstructed exhaust environment is required. When running at low speed, you want to reduce the pipeline to increase continuity. Therefore, the design of the exhaust pipe is not thicker and smoother. Power output can be increased.