The advantages of motorcycle relative to the car?

Update:07 Dec 2017

     Motorcycle fuel consumption is smaller than the ca […]

     Motorcycle fuel consumption is smaller than the car, free from the impact of transport facilities, parking area is small;

     In case of road congestion, the mobility of motorcycles is good. Not long ago during the Wenchuan earthquake, vehicles were damaged due to road damage and motorcycles played an emergency role in transporting materials and rescue workers.

     Motorcycles have a wide range of social effects, in Japan and Europe, motorcycles have become people travel, school, shopping an indispensable means of transport,

     Motorcycles consume less than 1.6 liters of l fuel and 1/3 of their cars. CO and HC are 38% -80% lower than the cars in the exhaust, occupying less road space and fewer parking areas than cars 1/4.

     According to statistics, Japan and Europe each passenger car average only 1.3 people, in this case, if every 5 cars in a motorcycle instead, the average speed can be increased from 13.7 km to 22 km or more, not only can increase Efficiency, but also greatly reduce pollution, fuel consumption can save 42%.