Some rubber parts of motorcycle may corrode and age

Update:20 May 2019

The oil will not be oxidized for a long time. It can be […]

The oil will not be oxidized for a long time. It can be observed through the oil observation port to see if it has changed color. Generally, it is not necessary to change the oil again. In addition, the oil of the piston, cylinder head, cylinder and valve train has been slowly left to the bottom. It has not been lubricated for a long time, and the resistance is relatively large. It is not good enough to stabilize the idle speed. When starting for the first time, you can use the foot start lever to step a few times. Let the oil moisturize and then start the motorcycle.

There is a cleaning agent for cleaning the motorcycleburetor. You can remove the spark plug, spray it from the hole of the spark plug, and reinstall the spark plug. Because it is easier to ignite than gasoline, it is easy to ignite. motorcycle start will be very helpful.

After the motorcycle has been put on for a long time, some rubber parts may corrode and age. In particular, some joints are hardened, causing the engine to leak out of the cylinder and causing the inability to catch the motorcycle. At this time, these small parts need to be replaced.

There are also some special cases. The motorcycle has not been used for a long time. Some rats ran in and broke the wires, or the joints in the connection area were oxidized, which was a fatal problem. Especially for the EFI motorcycle, there was no sensor line. Exclusion makes it impossible to get on the bus, and it is not very easy to find. At this time, it is necessary to motorcycleefully check whether the ignition and fuel supply signals are normal.

Motorcycles can't catch fire, don't blindly beat the motorcycle, must rule out the reasons to solve the re-test, if blindly repeated taxis, it is easy for a lot of gasoline to run into the tank, wet the spark plug, causing the so-called "drown tank" phenomenon, this time let You think that the motorcycle is broken and you can't figure it out. Actually, remove the spark plug and wipe it off with a dry cloth.