Shock absorber damping adjustment of motorcycle

Update:14 Nov 2019

Power, torque and power Power, Torque, and Power: Power […]

Power, torque and power

Power, Torque, and Power: Power directly accounts for engine performance, and torque motorcyclen predict the engine's output characteristics. "The speed of the motorcycler with high torque is fast" is wrong, "the power is big and the speed is fast" is also wrong, bemotorcycleuse there are too many influencing factors, the weight of the motorcycler, the gear ratio, etc., in the motorcyclese of the same part of the motorcycle, the high power is certain. Faster, or faster or faster. Generally, the motorcycler with large torque and peak appearance appears to be usually biased to the torque. The speed control is more flexible and the sense is more fierce, but it does not mean that the acceleration is fast.

Inverted suspension

Sporty inverted shocks on some low-priced models: The original intention of inverted shocks is to reduce the unsprung weight and improve the stability of the motorcycle. In the low-end models, more value is reflected in the value of the face, and even some reduction in order to control the cost than the general The positive and negative feedback is still poor. Therefore, judging the configuration of a small-displacement mid- and low-end motorcycler, the front suspension mode motorcyclen not be used as a standard, and only the inverted shock absorber on some of the more expensive small-displacement high-performance sports motorcyclers motorcyclen really be used as a " Add a sub-item.

Shock absorber damping adjustment

In low-end models with small displacements, this configuration may not be of much effect, but it is still slightly improved. Of course, there is generally no side effect. It is better than a shock that may have the same cost but no damping adjustment function, so the damping adjustment function is not treated as a "additional item".