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Service and Support The electronic control unit (ECU) c […]

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electronic control unit (ECU) collects various sensor signals, calculates and controls the fuel injection and ignition of the engine, and then sets the engine's mixed gas concentration and ignition time to the optimal state to obtain the best performance.
When a motorcycle fails, first check whether it is an EFI system failure. If so, use the traffic shown below to find the specific cause of the failure.

(1) When each motorcycle runs 5000 kilometers, the fuel filter should be replaced. Note: you must use the same special filter as the original EFI, the fake filter will cause blockage;
(2) the EFI system is connected to the battery must be solid and reliable; high pressure fuel injection and ignition wire harness bundling keep a distance more than 2 cm, or job insecurity will lead to the EFI;
(. 3) must be interference type ignition coil, the resistance value should be between kΩ5 ~ 8 k;
( 4) A qualified rectifier must be used, otherwise it will cause work insecurity. EFI judgment method: After the fuse is removed and the engine is started, the engine is idling normally, and the accelerator is fully accelerated, and it is qualified;
(5) The oil cannot be too much, otherwise there will be Idle smoke and damage oxygen sensors.


Attachment 1 Idle air conditioning method
When the flame is unstable at no load, it is easy to make mistakes. Try to adjust the idle capacity:
1. Pull the throttle to the maximum opening at work; 2 key to open, release the acceleration in two seconds, and then the system enters debugging Mode, start the engine, fully throttle the engine until the ECU 4 light appears slowly. After the throttle is released, the idling position alternates with light and darkness (the concentration of oxygen to the closed-loop state). Idle the air adjustment screw counterclockwise, if the speed exceeds 1800, adjust clockwise to stabilize the key before the end of about 30 seconds.


Attachment 2 Method for restoring factory settings
In special cases, there may be self-EFI system errors, the engine will accelerate weak, temper blasting and other problems, you can try a factory reset: 1. Pull the throttle valve to the maximum opening; 2 Turn on the switch until the instrument fault light turns off (after listening to the electromagnetic fuel pump to stop working) to release the throttle valve; turn off the switch. In this case, the value of autonomous learning in the EFI system is restored to factory default settings.
Then you better arrange an autonomous learning process: choose a good road, gradually increase the throttle to accelerate, decelerate, and then descend, the focus is to try to change the throttle slow, so each throttle opens the opportunity for self-learning, this process can be repeated several times, Until you feel good, finally complete with the key.

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