Ride the motorcycle in the right posture

Update:08 Apr 2019

From the first ride on a motorcycle, you must master th […]

From the first ride on a motorcycle, you must master the correct driving posture. Of course, at the beginning, the posture is inevitably wrong, but it is not corrected in time. It takes a long time to form a quirk, and it is impossible to change it. The so-called driving skills are not an inscrutable technique, but a basic operating skill. But at any time, under any circumstance, it is not as easy to maintain correct and easy driving posture and operating skills. What kind of cycling posture to take, this is personal freedom. Moreover, each person's height is different, and the riding posture will be various. In addition, the structure and style of the motorcycle are various. If everyone is a posture, it is not normal.

First, keep your body balanced. Because the body is not stable, you can't handle it with your heart. Of course, the balance and stability of the motorcycle must also be maintained.

Second, even if the balance is stable, don't force the handlebars. Because the force is too large, it is difficult to easily manipulate, and the inherent performance of the steering mechanism of the motorcycle cannot be fully utilized.

Third, it can make the body move freely. That is, the posture of the body can be changed according to the needs of the operation, or the weight can be added to the pedal or the seat. Or change the posture to reduce the weight of the pedal and the seat to obtain the balance of the motorcycle in different states. Although the performance of motorcycles varies, the correct driving posture is the same.

As long as you really do the above three points, it is the best and most chic to ride the motorcycle rider in the right posture and easily. Only in the correct driving posture will the performance of the motorcycle be better.