Regular oil changes and machine filter of motorcycle

Update:06 May 2019

Motorcycle maintenance In addition to changing the oil […]

Motorcycle maintenance In addition to changing the oil and air filter, these points are also very important!

The first point: machine filtration.

Regular oil changes and machine filters are things that everyone knows, because motorcycles can easily reach high speeds, so there are many more maintenance time than cars, and they have been at high speeds. More, so the machine can also be cleaned together.

The second point: air filter.

The replacement of the air filter has been affected by the environment. The replacement time has not been determined. If the city is riding, it can be maintained at about 10,000 km. If it is in a place with a lot of wind and sand, the cycle will be shortened because it is empty. The filter is basically paper paste, but do not wash it with water when cleaning. Use air pump to blow off the soil.

The third point: steam filtration.

Steam filter is a gasoline filter. This has a big relationship with the quality of gasoline. If the quality of the gasoline you add is not very good, the fuel filter will play a role in filtering the impurities, but if it is so long, the impurity product Less time, it will be time to clean up.

Fourth point: brake pads.

The brake pads are very useful. As long as the brakes are used for riding, and the brake pads are also related to the safety of the vehicle, the brake pads must be very importantly maintained. Lao Wang recommends replacing them at around 30,000 kilometers. Or maintenance.