Precautions for daily maintenance of motorcycles

Update:13 Jul, 2020
Summary:A motorcycle is an economical, affordable, and easy-to-use motor motorcycle, and is the main means o...

A motorcycle is an economical, affordable, and easy-to-use motor motorcycle, and is the main means of transportation commonly used by the masses to travel. Motorcycles are mechanical sports products. During use, various parts will wear out, fasteners will loosen, and electrical components and rubber parts will age. If it is not handled in time, it may malfunction and affect the use. Through regular maintenance, you can find and eliminate various hidden dangers as early as possible to ensure that the motorcycle is in the best working state and extend the service life; it can also maintain the maintenance cost of the motorcycle at a minimum level.


1 Daily inspection of driving


Daily inspections can detect the hidden dangers of motorcycle failures early, extend the life of your motorcycle, and avoid unnecessary losses. It is also a guarantee for your safe travel. The inspection contents are:

1. Observe whether there are new oil or water marks on the underground or motorcycle body where the motorcycle is parked, and further find out whether there are oil or water leaks.

2. Check whether the lights, signals and speakers are normal and the brake performance is good.

3. Check whether the oil and coolant are sufficient. Is the water temperature normal during driving?

4. Check whether the tire pressure is appropriate, whether the tread is cracked, punctured by sharp objects, and the pattern wear exceeds the limit.

5. Check whether the muffler emits blue smoke or black smoke.

6. Check whether the nuts and screws in common parts are loose or loose.

7. Check whether the engine sound is abnormal.

If the above content is abnormal and cannot be ruled out by yourself, please go to our repair station for inspection in time.



2 Cold motorcycle warm-up


Engine warm-up is a task that cannot be ignored, especially in the cold winter, the viscosity of the lubricating oil is greatly increased, so its fluidity is relatively poor. In the early stage of engine start, the temperature in the cylinder is low, the lubricating oil cannot form an effective oil film in a short time, and the water temperature in the engine water jacket is low, the temperature cannot rise instantaneously, so the motorcycle must be operated at idle speed after starting The way to warm up the motorcycle, the specific warm-up time should be flexibly grasped according to the ambient temperature at that time. Under normal circumstances, the idle speed is about 3-6 minutes. It is important to remember that you can't speed up the warm-up by blasting the throttle, because this method will cause increased wear on engine-related components.


3 New motorcycle running in


Because the coordination between the surfaces of the parts of the new motorcycle engine is in the stage of adjustment and mutual grinding, the amount of wear is large, and the quality of the running-in quality is the key to the life of the motorcycle. During the running-in period, please strictly follow the requirements of speed limit, load limit, and regular maintenance to reduce the amount of wear on the engine and transmission parts, and also give full play to the performance of your new motorcycle and extend the service life of the motorcycle.


4 Maintenance and precautions of air filter


The air filter is the guard of the engine, it can filter the oxides, dust, sand, moisture and other debris in the air, prevent harmful substances from entering the engine, and accelerate the wear of pistons, piston rings, cylinders and other parts. It is determined that the wear of the engine cylinder without an air filter will increase by 8 times, and the wear of the piston ring will increase by 9 times. Most scooter air filters are rear-mounted and relatively low, close to the rear wheels, and the probability of dust entering is much higher than that of riding bicycles. If there is a lot of dust in the environment, the filter element will soon become clogged and dirty.