Main points for maintenance of the drive system of electric truck


  The main points of maintenance of the drive syst […]


The main points of maintenance of the drive system of the all-electric truck are as follows:

1. Gearbox: The gearbox of the transmission system of the all-electric truck is the main point of maintenance. Cleaning the gearbox must be meticulous and comprehensive. Finally, the gear oil must be replaced!

2. Bearings: Cleaning, replacement, and replacement of the electric transmission truck's transmission bearings with new lubricants!

3. Check and adjust the brake system, and fill the lubricating oil for each active system!

4, check the automatic gearbox system, replace the automatic gearbox and filter!

5. Inspect each wheel of the full electric truck and tighten the bolts.

An unmanned truck is a truck that does not require a driver in industrial applications. It uses a rechargeable battery as its power source. Generally, the traveling route and behavior can be controlled through a computer, or an electromagnetic track is used to establish its traveling route. The electromagnetic track is adhered to the floor, and the unmanned vehicle moves and moves according to the information brought by the electromagnetic track.


In addition, there are such as: hydraulic support trucks (divided into integrated cars and split cars, split cars are also known as trailer type hydraulic support trucks)

Hydraulic support truck: mining equipment, a special transportation tool specially designed and manufactured for large-scale difficult transportation machinery such as mining hydraulic support and mining. Using it not only improves labor efficiency, but also realizes safe removal, especially on the working surface. When mining and moving, it reflects its economical and convenient characteristics.


The pallet truck is also called pallet truck, which is mainly divided into

Manual trucks: manual hydraulic trucks, high-lift scissor trucks, electronic scale trucks, manual pallet trucks, etc.

Semi-electric vans: semi-electric vans, semi-electric pallet trucks, etc.

All-electric pallet truck: all-electric pallet truck, all-electric pallet truck, electric pallet truck, etc.

Manual pallet trucks and electric pallet trucks are tools for flat point-to-point handling. The small and flexible body makes the manual pallet truck suitable for almost any occasion. However, because it is manual operation, it is more laborious to carry heavy items of about 2 tons, so it is usually used for frequent short-distance operations of about 15 meters, especially in loading and unloading areas. In the future logistics links, manual pallet trucks will also assume the role of connection between various transport links. Each manual truck or truck will be equipped with a manual pallet truck, which will make loading and unloading operations faster and more convenient. Limited by venue. When the plane carrying distance is about 30 meters, the travel speed is controlled by the stepless speed change switch on the handle, which follows the operator's walking speed, which reduces the fatigue of the personnel and ensures the safety of the operation. For example, when the distance of the main transportation route is more than 30 meters to about 70 meters, an electric pallet truck with folding pedals can be used, and the driver can stand and drive, and the maximum speed can be increased by nearly 60%.

Further detailed differentiation: simple truck, fast-lift truck, manual truck, heavy-duty truck, economical manual truck, galvanized truck, ultra-low-level truck, stainless steel truck, scale truck Paper tube truck, mountain truck, lift truck, etc.

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