Is it necessary to pinch the clutch during motorcycle gear shifting

Update:11 Aug, 2020
Summary:Do I need to use a clutch while the motorcycle is running? It mainly depends on the current vehicle ...

Do I need to use a clutch while the motorcycle is running? It mainly depends on the current vehicle conditions. If it is an upshifting process, it is possible to control the throttle to shift gears, but if it is a downshifting process, the clutch must be used. The phenomenon of hitting teeth, so the operation is different in different driving conditions in this case.


It is well known that the clutch of a motorcycle is a buffer device in the process of power transmission. It mainly plays the role of transmitting and cutting off the power transmission. Under normal circumstances, the vehicle must use the clutch to start or shift gears, because only in this way will the entire shifting process be better. Smooth.


However, with the improvement of riders’ driving skills, there will be some irregular operations in actual use, such as shifting gears without clutch, sliding downhill in neutral, and other operations that violate mechanical principles, although these operations are theoretically Absolutely forbidden.



However, there are still some benefits in actual operation. For example, sliding downhill in neutral gear can reduce the fuel consumption of the vehicle. However, the benefits of shifting gears without pinching the clutch seem to be not obvious, but it is just a display of driving skills.


The correct operation process of motorcycle up/down gear is to loosen the accelerator-pinch the clutch-add or subtract gear-loosen the clutch-add gas. In this process, if the operation steps of the clutch are omitted, the upshift process is completely feasible. This is because the vehicle speed and the gear ratio can basically be kept the same, but the downshifting process is different. It is easy to appear inconsistent between the vehicle speed and the gear ratio, so this kind of operation upshift can not downshift.


Through the above introduction, it can be seen that during the entire shifting operation of motorcycles, the clutch is an indispensable link, and the omission of the operation steps of the clutch in this link does not have much benefit, so for most motorcycles It is the most desirable way to operate in accordance with the regulations, and it is also the most scientific vehicle operation process. It is not reasonable to shift gears without using the clutch. Therefore, the clutch must be pinched during the shift process.