Inspection and adjustment are required in the purchase of motorcycles

Update:17 Sep 2019

1. Complete motorcycle inspection of motorcycles First […]

1. Complete motorcycle inspection of motorcycles

First of all, the appearance inspection, the parts of the motorcycle should be intact, there is no missing parts, the paint layer, chrome plating, galvanized parts should be bright and shiny, without scratching and falling off. motorcycles should have product certification, product instruction manual, and pick-up spare parts and tools according to the packing list. Then start the inspection. At normal temperature, the cold start is not more than three times, and the hot motorcycle should be started once. There should be no abnormality and knocking sound when the engine is running, the idle speed is stable, and there is no leakage of gasoline or oil.

2. Inspection and adjustment of components

(1) Front wheel brake. The front wheel brake is operated by the right hand and the free travel is first checked. The free-travel stroke refers to the stroke from the start of the handle to the start of the brake. Before the stroke is too small, the brake shoe block and the front wheel brake drum cannot be completely disengaged, which affects the driving speed; if the stroke is too large, the braking efficiency cannot be braked in time.

(2) Rear wheel brake. The rear wheel brake is operated by the pedal. First, check the free travel of the brake pedal.

(3) Clutch. The clutch is normally operated by the left hand and its free travel is checked during adjustment.

(4) Rear shock absorber.

(5) Rear drive. The rear drive adjustment is mainly to check the tightness of the transmission chain (drive belt). The inspection position is in the middle position between the front and rear sprocket (pulley). Use the finger to move the chain up and down to see the distance between the upper and lower movements. The scooter is 10~ 20 mm, ordinary motorcycles are 20 to 30 mm. Triangular drive belt tightness, press by hand [press with 49 Newton (5 kg force)] belt, the belt droops 10 to 20 mm.

(6) motorcycleburetor idle speed. Idle speed is the lowest steady speed when the engine is unloaded. When the throttle handle is placed in the minimum position, the engine can keep running continuously. When adjusting, first start the engine, gradually turn the throttle handle, check the free stroke of the throttle handle, generally set to 2 ~ 6 mm, if the rotation does not exceed 2 mm, the engine speed will rise, indicating that the free travel is too small; If the stroke exceeds 6 mm and the engine speed does not increase, the free travel is too large.