How to preserve your motorcycle tyres

Update:03 Jun, 2021
Summary:Choosing motorcycle handling is extremely important, not only comfortable, people and motorcycles al...

Choosing motorcycle handling is extremely important, not only comfortable, people and motorcycles also require excellent human machine project support. In addition to the cooperation of people and cars, there is still a little ignored, that is the tire!

The fitness of the tire and the ground is also very important. Regularly check the tire pressure is the most basic operation, the tire pressure is too low, causing tire deformation, increasing fuel consumption, not said, manipulation is not stable. Moreover, when the air pressure is too low at high speed riding, the internal structure of the tire is extruded with each other, which greatly increases the risk of puncture.

The tire pressure is too high, so that the tire is lost, the comfort is greatly reduced, and the shock absorption performance is affected. When the tire pressure is larger than the normal value, the possibility of the puncture is also greatly increased. Tire patterns will also affect tire grip effect. Here to introduce a concept, which is "sea and land ratio", trench / rubber block ratio refers to the sea and land ratio, the sea refers to the pattern of the road, the land is Contact the plasma plasma, the larger the sea and land ratio, the larger the area of ​​the trench, the better the tire drainage and heat dissipation.

The pattern of the pattern will also bring the difference between tires, longitudinal pattern: usually the rolling resistance is small, good heat dissipation performance, can strengthen the function of anti-side slip and drainage. Horizontal pattern: can increase the driving force, traction, while reducing the chance of snaps between the grooves.

In addition to the trip to the tire, we must also pay attention to avoiding the unmatched pavement, regularly clean the surface of the tire, driving at a constant speed, try to avoid urgent acceleration and scaling, and stable driving can also reduce the probability of slipping.

The tires of winter motorcycles are also easy for long-term parking, leading to the deformation and cracking of the tires. In order to ensure driving safety, please pay a professional inspection after sale.