How to practice driving a motorcycle

Update:01 Apr 2019

In order to ensure safety, to learn to drive a motorcyc […]

In order to ensure safety, to learn to drive a motorcycle, it is generally necessary to drive from the original place and the venue before you can drive to the road. Do not learn to drive a motorcycle on the road to avoid accidents. Learning to drive a motorcycle, you must first learn to ride a bicycle, which is good for grasping the regularity of the motorcycle, which can shorten the time to practice driving a motorcycle.

Driving in place: support the bracket of the motorcycle, the driver rides on the motorcycle. The driver's posture is correct, and the throttle is increased or decreased repeatedly, the clutch is disengaged or engaged, and the front and rear brakes and shifting actions are performed, and the order of cooperation between these actions is familiar. On the basis of the above exercises, the motorcycle can be lifted, the rear wheel can be separated from the ground, and the engine can be repeatedly practiced to increase the throttle, clutch, shift, brake, etc., and experience the operation essentials of these actions. This exercise should not take more than 5 minutes to prevent the engine from overheating due to poor cooling.

Driving on the ground: On the basis of the in-situ driving practice, the ground driving practice, first practice the correct start of the engine, and then practice the cooperation of the throttle, clutch, shifting shifting action, in order to achieve a smooth start. The handlebar does not swing back and forth, travels to the designated target, and can stop smoothly. To master the operation process of changing gears, familiar with the turning action, and correctly use the turn signal, you can turn in any direction. When driving normally, it mainly relies on the control speed to slow down the parking. In order to prevent special situations during driving, consciously practice emergency braking, but you must practice on a flat road with a speed of no more than 20km/h. The correct completion of the emergency brake operation is to quickly reduce the throttle while holding the clutch grip, first braking the rear wheel, and then braking the front wheel. After driving through the field, you can master the various essentials before you can drive on the road.