How to operate motorcycle brakes safely

Update:17 Aug, 2020
Summary:Everyone knows that braking is very important for motorcycles. If any problems occur, the consequenc...

Everyone knows that braking is very important for motorcycles. If any problems occur, the consequences are immeasurable. The brake operation of motorcycles is very particular. At present, there are three methods for motorcycle braking:


The first is the simultaneous advancement of the front and rear brakes, which means that the front and rear brakes are activated at the same time, so that the braking distance can be shortened, but because the hands and feet must be operated together, the coordination must be mastered, and the strength must be controlled.


The second is to use the front brake first and then the rear brake. This braking method can avoid tail-flicking and is also a more scientific method. Because the center of gravity will move forward when the motorcycle is running, first use the front brake to reduce the deviation of the center of gravity, and the front tires have strong grip, so the effect of braking is very obvious.


The third type is mainly the rear brake. This is the most common braking method. However, from the perspective of the effect of use, this method is the most effective for low-speed motorcycles. If the speed is too high, use it. This kind of braking is likely to cause side slip. Even if the car is equipped with ABS, the braking effect is not particularly obvious, because the center of gravity of the vehicle is too high and the rear wheel's gripping ability is not very strong. Produce bad results.


It can be seen that no matter what kind of braking method is used, it is impossible to adapt to all motorcycle states. Therefore, the specific braking method depends on the road conditions and vehicle speed, and cannot be generalized. Of course, in the process of braking, the application of engine traction is also very important. When braking, it is best not to completely cut off the power output, but to brake first according to the road conditions, and then cut off the power output, which can be effective Shortening the braking distance can also make the center of gravity shift slower.


In addition, the strength of the brake is also affected by the brake system. If there is high-tech assistance, these misunderstandings can be avoided. If not, the characteristics of the car must be mastered, so the braking method should not be too rigid. It must be combined with the characteristics of the vehicle and the rationale. It cannot be said which brake is the main one. This needs to be flexibly mastered and applied.