How to judge the quality of motorcycle frame

Update:15 Sep, 2020
Summary:A strong athlete, in addition to having a strong heart, also needs a strong bones and muscles to sup...

A strong athlete, in addition to having a strong heart, also needs a strong bones and muscles to support. The same is true for motorcycles. The engine is the heart, and the frame is the skeleton of the motorcycle. As the skeleton of the motorcycle, it bears the rider’s luggage, provides a fixed position for the engine and the rear shock absorber, and the quality and comfort of the frame Also related, the frame material is divided into steel, aluminum, carbon fiber. According to the shape, it can be divided into: braided frame, cradle frame, double wing beam frame, embracing frame


1. Steel tube cradle frame


Just like the name of the cradle, let the engine "lie" in the arms of the frame. If a steel beam is used to connect the supporting part of the engine, it is a single cradle; if two steel beams are used to reinforce the engine support, it is a double cradle. There is also a special type of semi-double cradle, which is between the double cradle frame and the single cradle frame. The upper part is a single tube beam and the lower part is also a single tube column and the bottom part is a double tube beam. The cradle frame has greater strength and rigidity.
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2. Diamond frame


As people continue to pursue the performance of motorcycles, especially when the torque and power of motorcycles become stronger and stronger, the lateral support of the cradle frame is insufficient due to the need for continuous cornering on the track. Taking into account the demand, the enhanced side strength was developed. Since the overall shape after research is similar to a cut diamond, this frame is called a diamond frame. The lateral support of the diamond frame makes up for the lack of a cradle frame. Diamond frames are more common in sports cars.


3. Steel tube braided frame


Using round or oval tubes, the steel pipe is usually made into a triangular shape by fusion welding process, because the triangular structure of the stable steel tube braided frame provides excellent support and stability, and will not deform during rapid bending. . The above is just a brief introduction to the common frame types, and riders can learn more about motorcycles by understanding the frame.