How to identify a motorcycle is brand new

Update:12 Dec 2017

1 .In the chassis part, especially the walking system, […]

1 .In the chassis part, especially the walking system, is there any old parts?
2. Have the factory certificate, even if the certificate is provided, is there any traces of alteration, there is no certificate of inspection on the certificate of manufacture factory and the seal of the inspector, the certificate number and the engine and rack stamp number is not the same!
3. There is no official sales company invoice.
4 .Refurbished vehicles. Some low-quality motor vehicles long-term backlog, rusty. Dealers in the sale before the general will be re-painted some camouflage.
Buyers should pay attention to observe two points:
1, Look at the nameplate. The vehicle near the factory, the nameplate is very clear, bright plating. If you find a mark on the nameplate covered with paint, indicating spray
Layer is later sprayed up, belonging to quality, backlog of vehicles.
2, In some prominent parts, you can find two different colors of paint. If you gently scrape your fingernail, you can see the upper and lower two paint layer, then it is a refurbished vehicle.