How long does a motorcycle tire need to be replaced

Update:08 Jul, 2021
Summary:The cross-sectional structure of a tire can be roughly divided into four parts: tread, shoulder, bea...

The cross-sectional structure of a tire can be roughly divided into four parts: tread, shoulder, bead, and bead. Each part has its own function. The tread is mainly in contact with the ground, the shoulders and bead play a supporting role, and the contact between the bead and the rim plays a sealing role.

The tire is not just a bunch of rubber. The inside of the tire is actually made up of multiple layers of different materials-tread pattern, cover layer, steel wire belt layer "2 layers", stress-absorbing rubber strips, carcass ply, Airtight layer.

First of all, let’s talk about the "steel belt layer". This layer is made up of two layers of steel wire. The steel wires of the two steel wire layers form a certain angle. The function is to improve the rigidity of the tread and enable the tire to cope with the impact of uneven roads. . In order to prevent the steel wire from corroding, there will be a "covering layer" on the outside of the steel wire layer. The "carcass ply" runs through the cross section of the tire to provide support for the tire. The "inner liner" is located inside the tire and extends to the position of the tire's bead, which mainly serves as a seal.

The size of the tire is indicated by a set of numbers and letters, printed on the side of the tire. The first number represents the cross-sectional width of the tire; the second number represents the aspect ratio; the third is a letter, which represents the tire structure, and the next number refers to the rim diameter; the last number and a letter represent the load factor and Speed ​​level.

When should I change the tires?

1. Tread wear is close to the wear mark

Any brand of tires will have a wear mark on the bottom of the tread groove. The height of wear marks on general motorcycle tires is 1.6 mm, "this height is also the legal minimum groove depth for tires", and the height of wear marks on truck tires is 2.4 mm.

Some motorcycle owners think that as long as the tires are not broken, they will continue to use them even if the tire pattern is about to be polished. I want to say that you are too stingy. Such old tires are actually very dangerous. When encountering slippery roads, the tread pattern cannot completely drain the water under the tires, which can easily cause the motorcycle to lose control.

Therefore, the quality and safety of the tires, you must not fail. After all, safety comes first.

2. Damaged tires such as cracks or bulges

In the process of daily use of the motorcycle, the tires may be pierced by foreign objects, or they may accidentally hit the road teeth. These emergencies will cause the tires to be damaged.

Tyre damage includes cracks in the tread, bulging of the tread, missing tread rubber, severe sidewall wear, and multiple punctures of the tire by foreign bodies. Especially the bulge, the tire is in danger of bursting at any time.

Friendly reminder: As long as you find these damaged tires, you must go to a professional repair station to check the tires of your motorcycle as soon as possible, and replace them in time.

3. Tire expiration

The service life of a tire is usually about 5 years. After this time limit, the tire will begin to age. The main manifestation of tire aging is surface hardening, followed by tortoise cracks. Aging tires will lose their elasticity, and if they continue to be used, the tread will be deformed and there is a risk of puncture.

Friendly reminder: Even if you are an old motorcycle driver, don't rely on experience. There is a fluke in your heart. It is still the most reliable saying that you are diligent and careful.

How to make tires more durable?

Avoid burning tires on the spot

Many motorcycle owners like to play some stunts, such as burning tires, causing serious local tire wear and shortening the service life. For non-professional stunt riders, try not to burn tires. People are professional, but you are self-inflicted!

Avoid hitting the shoulder and sinking into potholes

Some old cyclists like to run the steps to prove their driving skills. The tire pressure is good enough. If the air pressure is not enough, it will be a big trouble. The tires are the feet of a motorcycle. If you know that you have to walk flat, don't let the motorcycle go on the washboard road deliberately.

Maintain proper tire pressure

Appropriate tire pressure can ensure uniform tire contact area and reduce unnecessary wear. Therefore, motorcycle owners should develop the habit of checking tire pressure regularly and keep abreast of the tire pressure status. You can check the tire pressure at a professional repair shop, or you can buy a tire pressure meter to test it yourself. For the tire pressure standard, please refer to the tire pressure label of the motorcycle.

Do not lower tire pressure in summer

Many motorcycle owners mistakenly believe that in summer, the temperature is high and lowering the tire pressure can prevent a puncture. In this way, the contact surface between the tire and the ground will increase, the friction will increase, and the tire wear will be accelerated, and it will cause the tire temperature to rise faster and more likely to puncture. Therefore, the normal tire pressure must be maintained in summer.