Friction between metal parts of motorcycle can easily cause a lot of problems

Update:09 Jun 2018

A.Cooling and Cooling Effect: The friction between meta […]

A.Cooling and Cooling Effect: The friction between metal mechanical components, coupled with the motorcycle engine is the process of converting thermal energy into mechanical energy, during which the mechanical components will be rapidly heated, in addition to circulating water or wind to ensure that the metal components are safe Outside the temperature, the circulating oil will also take away the heat on the friction and heat components, and then circulated to the oil pan for cooling, after the oil filter is recycled to the key parts of the friction and heating, so cycled again to reduce the temperature of the parts;

B.Cleaning and cleaning effects: Friction between metal parts can easily cause a lot of metal debris and debris. If these debris and debris remain on the surface of the metal parts, it will increase the friction coefficient sharply and increase the abnormality of the mechanical parts. The chance of wear, if there is a clean circulating oil on the surface, the flowing oil is like a high-pressure water gun washing the ground to carry away the dust and take away the metal debris and debris on the surface of the mechanical parts, and always guarantee the surface of the mechanical parts. clean;

C.Anti-corrosion and anti-rust effects: We know that metals are prone to oxidative deterioration, rust, and other corrosion phenomena under the conditions of high temperature, high pressure and high oxidation, and the oil can form a layer of oil film on the surface of metal parts. Isolation prevents rust and other corrosion phenomena from occurring. This principle and our usual household wok must be heated and greased with pigskin.

D.Sealing effect: Mechanical movement between metal parts, sometimes with poor fit, easily leaking or poorly fitting, etc. Oil is allowed to travel in the oil film and circulation on the surface of metal mechanical parts, so that gas cannot be worn The place where the mechanical parts penetrate the metal can achieve the sealing effect.