Different classifications of motorcycles

Update:11 Oct 2019

For the classification of motorcycles, different countr […]

For the classification of motorcycles, different countries have different classification methods. International standards (ISO3833-1977) divide motorcycles into two categories according to speed and weight: dual-purpose motorcycles and motorcycles. There are two general classification methods for Chinese motorcycles: one is divided into mopeds and motorcycles according to displacement and maximum design speed. The moped engine has a working volume of no more than 50 ml and a maximum design speed of no more than 50 km. Motorcycle refers to a two- or three-wheeled motorcycle with a working volume of more than 50 ml and a maximum design speed of more than 50 km. The other is divided into two categories: two-wheeled motorcycles, side tricycles and three-wheeled motorcycles according to the number and position of the wheels.

It is customary to categorize by application, structure and engine type and working volume. If you only work in the city, a short-distance travel tool, choose a miniature motorcycle or moped with a compact speed of no more than 50 kilometers. Need to travel frequently between urban and rural areas, can ride two people, should choose an ordinary motorcycle with an engine working volume of 125 ~ 250 ml. If the road conditions are poor, high speed driving or general competition is used, the off-road motorcycle is used.

Sports motorcycle
Sports motorcycles are also called sports motorcycles. The main idea of design is for people to take a leisure vacation. It is a fun means of transportation and a play tool for experiencing the joy of life. Sports motorcycles cover a wide range. The super sports motorcycles and travel motorcycles described below all have the function of sports motorcycles, so they can also be classified as sports motorcycles.

Road motorcycle
Motorcycles mainly used on paved roads are called road motorcycles. Road motorcycles can be divided into three categories, namely super sports motorcycles, travel motorcycles and American motorcycles. Since this type of motorcycle is mainly driven on a flat pavement, it is also called an urban motorcycle. The concept and scope of road motorcycles are also very ambiguous, and it may be better to call them ordinary motorcycles. In terms of structure, road motorcycles are only suitable for paving roads. Such motorcycles can achieve the best performance on paved roads. Conversely, there will be many difficulties when driving in no roads. Corresponding to the off-road motorcycles, classified by location, can also be divided into travel cross-country motorcycles and urban off-road motorcycles.

Motorcycles generally value the comfort and ease of handling when driving. Super sports motorcycles are different, and it pays more attention to the high-speed driving performance of motorcycles. By riding this kind of motorcycle, the rider can fully feel the pleasure and fun of the engine, tire and road changes. Unlike the racing motorcycle, it pursues the youthful movement of the ride, rather than pursuing high speeds like a racing motorcycle. Without a certain high-speed performance to ensure that the rider is difficult to experience this pleasure, so the speed of the motorcycle must be increased. But once you can feel the thrill of riding, you don't have to increase the speed.