Determine the displacement interval according to the characteristics of motorcycle

Update:21 Nov 2019

Displacement measurement level For most imported motorc […]

Displacement measurement level

For most imported motorcycles, the larger the displacement of similar motorcycles, the higher the level. However, for different types of motorcycles, or domestically produced motorcycles, the content represented by displacement is not so clear, but it does not explain the dynamic performance. 150cc is faster than 250cc. Very common, the 1200 Big Harley may be put on the 600cc sports motorcycle, so the displacement does not determine the performance, please choose the motorcycle according to the type of motorcycle you want, according to the characteristics of the motorcycle to determine the displacement selection interval.

Double disc brake

Many people say that the two-disc brakes may be better. This is actually not quite true. Large-displacement high-performance sports motorcycles or front-mounted dual-disc brakes are inevitable for models with extremely high requirements for strength and thermal decay control, but for small rows. In terms of quantity, there is no need for excessive braking force. It is only necessary to use a single disc with high-quality calipers and brake pads. Instead, assembling the two discs will affect the weight of the front wheel and cause side effects.

Light weight and good performance

The weight can indeed be manipulated, but not all "light" is good. In the top event SWBK, you can see many details of the body and even the nuts are lightweight aluminum, but many domestic models can't see. Lightweight accessories, but also lightweight structure, for some lightweight models in the country, we must be cautious, it is likely that its frame does not reach enough strength, the quality of the accessories is also worrying.

EFI and motorcycleburetor
Electro-injection is divided into closed-loop EFI and open-loop EFI. Open-loop EFI has only one ECU and fuel injection device. Its fuel supply curve is hard, and it is sampled by the magneto coil. The closed-loop EFI has many sensors. The engine operation is sampled at any time and the corresponding fuel supply curve is adjusted. The domestic four standards have been implemented, and the motorcycleburetor is about to become a swan song, so you must polish your eyes when you purchase.