Benefits of increasing the position of motorcycle handlebars

Update:20 Jul, 2020
Summary:As a riding tool, motorcycles have many parts of their design that are fixed and cannot meet persona...

As a riding tool, motorcycles have many parts of their design that are fixed and cannot meet personalized riding needs. Under such premises, some motorcycle friends will make more demands on their motorcycles to meet their individual riding requirements. Some modifications are made, and the increased handlebars that the subject is concerned with are one of them.

The handlebar of a motorcycle is the main component for controlling the motorcycle. It usually only has the function of moving back and forth, and there is no possibility of moving up and down. Under this premise, if the physical condition of the rider and the setting of the motorcycle's sitting posture are inconsistent , It will directly affect the riding comfort of the motorcycle and even control.

If the rider is taller, the position and posture of the arm will change, which will inevitably affect the comfort of the long-distance riding state, and in order to alleviate this phenomenon, we can increase The way of the handlebar to improve the sitting posture of the model.


This part of the heightened handlebar is also called the heightened code. It is also divided into different heightened effects. The conventional heightened code and the heightened rear code. In general, the former simply adjusts the height of the handlebar, while the latter On the basis of the increase, the handlebars are adjusted backwards. This operation makes the riding of the motorcycle more comfortable and smoother for individuals, so the advantage of increasing the handlebars of motorcycles is that it will be more in line with personal Cycling requirements.

However, you must pay attention to some matters during the use of the heightening code. For example, the direction of the harness may need to be changed after the heightening. If you ignore this, the steering of the motorcycle will be affected, and the operation after the direction of the handlebar and before the operation will also appear. Different performance, after all, the entire riding posture has changed, so it is necessary to find the operating characteristics through adaptation, otherwise it will lose its original role.

In short, any modification or addition of motorcycles is for personal riding needs. As for whether you need to do this, you must decide according to the actual situation, and you cannot blindly follow the trend, because the modification effect for others It may be ideal, but it may not be effective for yourself.